Short story

Voyages around space privitazation small explorers trying for an alien civilization.

Gene editing when singularity occurs.

Workers working with oculus rift in another planets and establishing power plants on other planets.


Annie Hall

Woody Allen starts with a stand up routine and it feels like he is talking to the audience , it is like we the audience are given the sneak peek into his life.

Woody’s childhood antics are shown. The background score perfectly fits the plot.

The camera just flows through the scenes and grown up woody appears in his own flashback where he is still a kid.

15 mins into the movie we will adjust to the plot and from now on woody’s interaction with the audience directly is minimal.

Every dialogue can seep into the pop culture easily. Many sitcoms like seinfeld , big bang theory borrow some plot from this movie.

And by the end of the movie conversations turn towards audience again and the collage of scenes and the philosophy which is drawn from some absurd analogy ends the movie.

The movie is full of dialogue in a good sense . the writing is wickedly smart .Watch for woody Allen, Diane Keaton and the conversations that take place in between.