Ex Machina Review

Ex Machina is about the relationship developed between a human being and an artificially intelligent robot named Ava. The protagonist is a software engineer who works for a search engine giant .He gets selected in a competition for a tour to the founders private research laboratory . He gets to the private lab which houses the search engine’s founder who uses the data of the search engine to enhance his artificial intelligent robots.The Protagonist gets to test the robot Ava and falls in love with it.This is observed by the founder and tries to counter the plan made by the protagonist to free Ava .The Founder fails in it and gets murdered by his own robots.And the protagonist is imprisoned by Ava in the vast estate and it escapes to experience the outside world.The film closes with Ava watching the people at a traffic interjection.

The movie has small cast and the performances of all the three main characters are good.Direction is good .


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