Selfie Mirror

With the selfie craze people are more than ever seeing their whole moments with the cameo of their face.So why not when you are getting ready for the day . Nowadays almost all teenagers and most adults  are self obsessed and want to capture their face with everything . If you are in a restaurant it warrants for a selfie, if you are near a world wonder like Taj Mahal there should be a selfie.The digital revolution made us humans take every moment of our life captured and convert them into digital snapshots. So Introducing the new “Selfie mirror” which takes a selfie when you are getting ready for work or college and makes a collage or a time lapse video by the end of the year. There will be days in one’s life where one might not be in the mood to take a selfie so the mirror takes the same and makes your selfie life complete by including your depressed and loser face to the selfish life :)….Free photo: Photographer